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G&C's Client Accounting Services can make running your business easier and provide you with the opportunity to make better business decisions.

Many clients are often unaware of their true financial position, which makes it difficult to make critical management decisions that can affect the bottom line. With our service, we trust that you will save time trying to maintain essential accounting records and will be able to set and measure how closely your company is coming to meeting your financial goals.

We recognize that a business owner's biggest strength is running their business. With G&C's Client Accounting Services, we give you back more time to focus on what makes your business work, while we take care of the accounting aspects. Imagine a whole team of accountants reporting your current financial position at less than the cost of hiring a full time controller. Our dedicated accounting team becomes an integral part of your business.

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G&C's Client Accounting Services conveys the valuable information buried within your company's financial records. You will make educated business decisions and see how these decisions effect your company's financial position.

  • We provide you with anytime access, anywhere that you have an Internet connection.

  • A G&C accounting team and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor™ are assigned to your company to develop and maintain an efficient accounting process suitable to your business' needs.

  • Paperless document management makes finding pertinent documentation simple and hassle-free.

  • Custom reports are prepared based on the key information necessary to grow your business and is accessible by you on demand.

  • Management use only financial statements are prepared and reviewed together with your Integral Advisory team to help you establish a plan of action.

  • A partnership between your accounting team and tax professionals is established.

  • Using QuickBooks Online and other Hosted Solutions, we design a solution to meet your business' needs.

  • You decide how much or how little of the accounting tasks we perform. We are able to provide valuable analysis on Quality Control and establish separation of duties.

  • Electronic document management means less time sorting through filing cabinets while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • We help you decide what information you should look at more frequently and provide you with the tools to do so.

  • You have the opportunity to make better-advised business decisions as your knowledge of your company's true financial position increases.

  • Year-end reporting becomes less of a hassle and eliminates the need for you to spend time compiling necessary documents.


Typical Difficulties for Business Owners

Ganze & Company’s Solutions

  • Our financial record keeping is too overwhelming to keep up on a monthly basis.
  • We assign an accounting team to manage your accounting tasks, giving you back valuable time and ensuring that books are current.
  • We have a bookkeeper, but we never get financial data in a timely manner.
  • We work to automate and eliminate tedious data entry to speed up the workflow process.
  • Our staff member transitioned into providing our bookkeeping services as our business grew, but she does not have the technical skills to provide us with the financial data we need.
  • We have a highly skilled accounting team that will compile the information and send it to review by a licensed CPA.
  • We have several locations and we need to be able to access financial data at each of these locations.
  • We have several different web-based solutions to provide you with the access you need from any location in which Internet is available including smart phones and tablets.
  • Our bookkeeper and our accountant have little communication.
  • Since we provide accounting and tax services, we are in constant communication with the tax team making year-end tax preparation a breeze.


G&C's Client Accounting Services is more than a bookkeeping service.

We are a business support team designed to streamline and automate accounting procedures, and provide management with the current financial information they need to make important management decisions.

We provide an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time controller.

The services we provide:

Benefits of using G&C:

  • 24/7 Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Greener Solution
  • CPA Expertise
  • Local Accounting Team
  • Best Practices
  • Financial Education


While G&C's Client Accounting Services are the perfect solution for most small businesses, we focus on the service professional industries.

Our Client Portfolio Includes:

Property Management
Real Estate Professionals


Accounting Services Packages

G&C's Client Accounting Services feels that by providing clients with a monthly fixed fee, clients can spread out their accounting fees throughout the year while making budgeting easier. We review each engagement every four months and, if necessary, fees are adjusted. We will notify you in advance of any fee increase. To obtain a complete list of services included in each package, please contact a customer service associate today.


  • Account reconciliations: including bank, credit, loan and cash accounts

  • Access to management use only financial reporting

  • Business license renewal

  • Sales tax reporting

  • Statement of information filing

  • Payroll processing and payroll tax deposits

  • Quarterly reporting to necessary federal and state agencies


  • Compliant / Tax Ready

  • Paperless accounts payable management including bill

  • Real-time accounting records with 24/7 access to database online

  • Training of staff members


  • Compliant / Tax Ready

  • Controller Oversight

  • Financial analysis including a monthly review of your business’s financial health

  • Development of your business’s systems and processes to increase efficiency

  • Cash-flow management, budgeting and forecasting

Monthly fixed fee will be determined after the initial business analysis and presented in a proposal.


We offer custom services and agreed upon procedures. These engagements are billed at our current hourly rates. Please ask a member of our team for the current rates.

If you'd like to receive a no obligation consulation on our Client Accounting Services, please complete this form.

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